There’s still a lot of misconceptions around Cloud technology, which despite being around for several decades is still seen as a newcomer and treated with caution. Cloudsource are here to separate the fact from the fiction and help businesses to navigate their way around this “new” technology and take advantage of it’s many benefits.

We want to put some of these myths to bed and educate business owners on the many ways in which Cloud Technology can help them to…

  • Reduce costs and simplify expenditure
  • Improve their business processes and team productivity
  • Support their businesses growth by becoming more flexible and scalable
  • Make their business more secure and resilient

And plenty more!


Common Misconceptions About Cloud

“I can’t use my Cloud phones and applications when offline”

With our virtual service you can take advantage of the same features and benefits of your current on-premise phone system but powered by the Cloud. You’ll still have access to your handsets, applications and technology when offline, but when you’re online you’ll be able to backup and store your data in the cloud, making your business more secure and resilient in the face of potential threats.

“If we move to the Cloud, we’ll no longer have control over our communications and IT”

Moving to the Cloud doesn’t mean giving up control, it simply means taking some of the headache away from your team and handing it to us! This saves you time and money on repairs and maintenance, freeing you up to think about more important things. You’ll still have a say over how your communications and IT are run, but you no longer need to sweat the small stuff. We will also provide you with an intuitive administrative portal that gives you the power to better manage your communications, from setup to reporting, helping you to stay on top of costs and performance.

“Cloud technology isn’t safe and my business will be more vulnerable to hacking”

On-premise technology is still at risk of attack and you’d need to employ a dedicated security expert to make it completely safe from risk. The benefit of moving to our managed Cloud solution is that a team of experts will manage the security for you and will deal with any suspicious activity to keep your business safe and up and running.

“I can’t just move some parts of the business on to the Cloud”

You certainly can – it’s called a Hybrid solution. Hybrid cloud technology refers to a combination of cloud while utilising your current on-premise infrastructure. By leveraging elements of both infrastructures, you can access the benefits of both cloud and on-premise technology. If a complete cloud solution is simply not right for your business we can advise on a blended approach to suit your needs.

“My business isn’t ready for Cloud”

This does have an element of truth as some businesses simply aren’t ready to fully move over to the Cloud but could still benefit from a hybrid solution. Our experts will sit down with you to discuss your business needs and advise you on the best approach to enable your business to transition to the Cloud. Many business owners find the thought of moving to the Cloud daunting but we have helped hundreds of businesses make the move and our aim is to make the migration as smooth as possible.

“Cloud will cost me more money”

This one is definitely a myth! Cloud helps keep costs down by removing the need to purchase expensive hardware and then maintain it on an ongoing basis. It enables you to reduce travels costs by providing the ability to work from anywhere on any device. You only pay for what you use as the cloud solutions we provide are tailored to fit you exactly, while allowing you to scale up (or down) in future. Moving to the Cloud with us will also take the pain out of a new phone system with one manageable monthly bill rather than a large up front cost.

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We hope this guide has helped to clear up some of the common misunderstandings around Cloud technology, however if you still have some questions and concerns of your own then we’re here to help:

Infographic: 70% of businesses have been able to reinvest funds back in to their business after moving to the Cloud
92% of IT professionals say adopting cloud technologies is important to their long term business success
Infographic: 59% of SMBs using cloud services report significant productivity benefits
94% of SMB's have security benefits in the Cloud that they didn't have with their on-premise service
Infographic: 74% of businesses cite reliability as their main reason for using the cloud
Infographic: recovery times for SMB's using cloud services are up to 4 times faster