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Keep a close eye on your business performance with call recording and reporting to manage, monitor and analyse your calls.

The true cost of missed calls
Research from BT revealed that missing a call from just one customer can cost a small business approximately £1200. What’s more, 85% of missed callers won’t call back and 61% will switch to a competitor if they don’t get a response the first time round.

If you’re concerned about losing business due to missed calls, you need a call management solution that provides you with the tools to get on top of your inbound calls.

iCall Suite: call reporting and call recording management dashboard

Call Reporting

Cloudsource’s Call Suite integrates with your telephone system to provide you with a clear view of your business comms through comprehensive reporting. Your team can view real-time and historical call data, see the status of other extensions and securely record all telephone calls.

Understand the peak times for incoming customer calls so you can ensure adequate staff are available. During known quiet periods, reduce your staff levels to save on costs.

The ability to playback and evaluate what makes a successful call helps you understand where staff need further training in order to provide a better service to callers.

The Dashboard: You can only manage what you can measure

Get access to a full suite of reports that are designed to give you accurate and useful analysis of your business communications. Quickly pull off reports for typical metrics like Grade of Service and Percentage Calls Answered, as well as contact centre reporting on agent availability and performance.

In the Dashboard, real-time monitors give you access to up-to-the-minute performance data. Fully customisable widgets allow you to create your own unique views, and filter and display data dynamically in a clear graphical way.

Call Recording

If monitoring staff performance, dispute resolution and compliance is vital for your business, you need call recording!

Call recording has clear benefits for many types of organisation including legal firms, insurance companies, call centres, public agencies, health centres and any FSA regulated company that is legally bound to record calls.

Our call recording solutions come with features to ensure your business remains GDPR compliant, for complete peace of mind.

Call Reporting key features

  • Access the data you need to measure your business with 50 in-built filters to customise reports
  • Save personal profiles to re-run the reports you need quickly, at any time.
  • Schedule reports to be sent to your email inbox on a regular basis, in the format that suits you (PDF, Excel, CSV or HTML)

Call Recording key features

  • Easily locate the calls you want to access thanks to powerful filtering, including the ability to create your own filtered playlists
  • Simple playback via a built-in call player: listen to your encrypted call recordings and then export for playback on other devices or to share via email.
  • Evaluate calls using your own call compliance questions and report on agent performance. Calls can also be tagged for further review or use in regular staff evaluation and training.

Never miss another call with a comprehensive call management solution

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