Mulberry Bush Nursery are the longest established nursery group in the North West of England. Founded in 1990, they remain family-run and now operate five childcare centres with approximately 90 members of staff.

With a number of award wins and glowing Oftsed reports to their name, Mulberry Bush needed a phone system that would help them maintain their outstanding reputation.

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The Challenge

Mulberry Bush’s legacy phone system wasn’t flexible enough to meet their needs and was making essential daily tasks a challenge.

Administration of the system was a particular pain point. If they needed to shut a site for a day for training, it was difficult to temporarily route calls to another site without contacting their IT company to request the change.

The existing system also kept failing, leading to security concerns around working with children – in case of an incident, the system needs to be reliable so that Mulberry Bush are always able to contact parents.

Roaming members of the nursery staff require reliable DECT handsets so that they can call back to the office if there is a problem or incident. The previous DECT system wasn’t integrating properly with the main system, leading to issues with coverage and difficulty contacting roaming staff.

The Solution

Cloudsource proposed an approach that would migrate Mulberry Bush from traditional ISDN lines to cloud telephony, a move which would both future-proof the business and prepare them for the planned ISDN switch off.

A cloud phone system would solve some of the problems they were experiencing with the security and resiliency of their current system, as well as helping the individual nurseries to run more efficiently and cost effectively.

Integrated Cloud IP DECT phones would help to improve coverage across the five sites and improve communications with roaming members of staff, which would also help to alleviate parents’ concerns about contacting children and vice versa.

The migration to the cloud took place site-by-site over a period of a week, followed by a weeklong bedding-in period to ensure everything was running smoothly and efficiently.

Once installed, Cloudsource’s in-house product specialist went in to conduct training; initially with all staff members on the key aspects of using the technology, followed by in-depth training with the management team on using the admin portal to make changes.

Gigabit C430 wireless handset
Gigabit C430 wireless handset

The Result

The move to the cloud has unlocked a number of business benefits for Mulberry Bush Nursery Group.

The new phone system offers all the security and resiliency of the cloud, meaning they can rest assured knowing that their communications will remain up and running in the case of failover.

Cost Savings

By removing their traditional PSTN and ISDN lines and migrating them to Cloudsource’s cloud platform, Mulberry Bush are now only paying per-seat prices with no costs for local, national and mobile calls and lines. What’s more, without a physical system on-site there are no upfront costs or ongoing maintenance charges.

Mulberry Bush now receive one simple bill every month that clearly details what they are paying for. A fixed monthly charge helps their Accounts staff to understand exactly what they’re paying so they can budget properly and plan for the future.

Better Communication

Improved call handling means that parents can contact the school and always be put through to the right member of staff without delay. Meanwhile, an Auto-Attendant keeps parents informed of key announcements such as opening hour changes or staff sickness.

Cloudsource’s integrated Cloud IP DECT solution has improved coverage to ensure that all staff can be contacted, regardless of where they are across the five sites.

Taking Control

Thanks to the cloud phone system, Mulberry Bush now have access to an admin portal that enables them to easily move staff between sites and add and adjust call flows, without having to contact Cloudsource.

Thorough training with the team means they are comfortable using the system and equipment, reducing the need to contact us and therefore leading to reduced service charges.

Staff can now work more efficiently as they have better control of their communications – particularly roaming staff – and a better understanding of the handsets and features.

“We’ve experienced difficulty with telecoms companies in the past – such as refusing to share routers with our IT company and blaming each other when problems occured – so I have to admit I had some doubts when we were first approached by Cloudsource. However, I have to say working with them has been a refreshing change! They have been nothing but professional and helpful throughout, and we especially appreciated their very thorough and detailed project management which left no stone unturned and meant that our move to the cloud went as smoothly and pain-free as possible.

When working with children, having a reliable phone system is so important and I feel a lot more confident that the Cloud system won’t fail us when we need it.

The new DECT handsets have made communications between the office and nursery staff much more responsive, and I know that parents will also appreciate how much easier it is to get hold of the team now.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cloudsource for their considerate service, expertise and attention to detail.”

Andrew Robinson

Mulberry Bush Nursery Group

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