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Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines offer the freedom of open-source software but configured to fit your specific business needs.

With support for Linux, Windows Server, Oracle, SAP, SQL Server and IMB, you’ll benefit from the flexibility of virtualisation for a wide range of computing solutions including development, testing, running apps and extending your data centre. Virtual Machines act like another rack in your data centre, giving you the power to deploy an application in seconds rather than weeks.

More choice, more freedom

Choose from Linux or Windows; to be on-premise, in the cloud or both; and choose either your own virtual machine image or download a certified pre-configured image from the Azure Marketplace.

Access all your favourite apps from anywhere with Cloud IT
Microsoft Azure on a desktop computer

Scale new heights

Virtual Machines combine the performance of a supercomputer with the scalability of the cloud. You can easily scale from one to thousands of virtual machine instances as your business grows.

Only pay for what you use

Running a business while keeping costs down is complicated enough. With Virtual Machines you only pay for what you use, helping you to keep tabs on your budget with low-cost, per-minute billing.

Enhance security and compliance

Our cloud computing solutions encrypt your sensitive data, protect virtual machines from security threats such as viruses and malware attacks, and secure network traffic. They also meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Key Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Access data and applications from anywhere
  • Zero or low upfront costs, as well as low monthly costs
  • No need to purchase or maintain on-premise servers
  • Increased security and disaster recovery
  • Automatically backs up your data

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