Cloud-based communications essentials, custom-fitted to your business

Cloud Phone Systems allow you to benefit from all the key features of a traditional business phone system but without the high upfront cost.

Cloud phone systems utilise VoIP (voice over IP) technology to both reduce costs and increase features and flexibility.

Not only do you benefit from the same features that you would get from an on-site solution but a cloud phone system also has additional benefits including Unified Communications for improved collaboration and remote working. We also include FREE Local, National & Mobile calls with all our cloud phone systems!

Our secure and resilient data centres deliver more reliable and flexible communications to your business, managed by us to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Unlike many cloud solutions, ours is fully scalable and able to service any size of company; from small businesses to large corporate clients. Unlike traditional business phone systems where it can take weeks, or sometimes months, to increase the number of lines or users you have, the Cloudsource Cloud Phone System allows you to easily scale and add additional users within hours, not weeks.

We take the pain out of a new phone system with one manageable monthly bill rather than expensive up front costs.

Cloud telephony management and administration portal
Cloud management and administration portal
iPECS LIP-9000 Series Cloud Telephony Handsets
A range of feature-rich telephone handsets to suit every member of the team.

Cloud Telephony Explained

Cloud Phone Systems replace your traditional physical phone lines and deliver your business communications over the internet via secure cloud data centres.

By managing them on your behalf we can provide the maximum reliability, cost saving and scalability for your business. You receive a high standard of communications wherever you are and whatever device you’re using.

Cloud Telephony Key Features:

Manage your cloud phone system from anywhere via an easy to use web portal.

Easily route calls to where they need to be using an automated voice menu system.

Distribute calls fairly to a group of users with the option to add custom greeting messages.

Answer each other’s calls whether working in the same building or remotely.

Push out company-wide announcements via the handset’s speaker phone functionality.

Voicemail can be automatically sent and attached to an email, allowing voicemails to be retrieved whilst on the move.

You can automatically record every call on the system or use the ‘on demand’ recording facility to start and stop recording from the push of a button.

No need to work from a fixed location every day. Simply log in from any handset connected to the cloud phone system.

Call across your system for no additional cost even when your users are based at different sites.

Report on all calls in and out of the system via the intuitive management portal. All reports can be downloaded as an excel file to allow for data manipulation.

FREE Local, National & Mobile calls with our Cloud Service Provider solution! 

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Key Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems:

  • Full phone system functionality without the physical hardware.
  • Unified communications tools and features, such as smartphone apps and video conferencing.
  • Multi-site organisations work across the same system meaning free calls between sites and increased business collaboration.
  • Easily scales to simplify your business growth.
  • Reliable and secure with in-built business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Zero or minimal upfront costs and low monthly charges.
  • Flexibility to fit your business requirements.
  • All UK businesses must move away from traditional ISDN networks to IP networks (SIP) so now is the ideal time to think about future-proofing your communications.

Market-leading Expertise

Our Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud Telephony solutions are powered by Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS, a leading global telecoms provider. Read more >
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Frequently Asked Cloud Questions

What about call quality?

Cloudsource utilise high speed broadband and business class routers to ensure you get the best call quality possible.

How much does it cost?

Our cloud solutions start at £12 per month, per user – this includes FREE Local, National & Mobile calls. The cost will depend on your exact requirements. You can call us on 0330 2000 200 for full pricing details.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. This simply means a telephone system that utilises the internet rather than traditional ISDN or PSTN phone lines. Using VoIP can significantly reduce call costs and allow users to work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

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Why Cloudsource

We go the extra mile to understand our customer’s requirements, delivering the right solution for you.

We are the cloud experts with extremely knowledgeable UK-based account managers and support teams.

We are a cloud service provider and have full control of the cloud phone system end-to-end, giving our customers a single point of contact.

We truly care about our customers, always going the extra mile to ensure they have the best possible experience.