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If you’re not ready for a full cloud solution, or would prefer to keep your server on-premise, then you need a hybrid cloud solution.

Hybrid cloud computing makes use of on-premise, public and private infrastructure to solve a business’ unique needs.

Our hybrid cloud offering provides you with a modern, efficient server to fit your business needs. When combined with our Cloud Storage and Backup solution, you’ll receive many of the same benefits of cloud computing without fully migrating.

Our specialist IT Technicians will be on hand whether you choose full cloud or hybrid cloud, helping to ensure that you get the best possible IT infrastructure to suit your needs. We also provide the highest level of support to ensure your time is focused on what you do best.

Hybrid cloud computing graphic with data centre

Key Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Computing:

  • Security: keep sensitive information and apps hosted in-house or on a private cloud environment, while information meant for wider use can be hosted on public cloud for better availability.
  • Flexible: easily expand or reduce your operations to meet fluctuations in demand, so you only ever pay for what you need.
  • Cost-saving: reduce your total cost of ownership and access many of the benefits of the cloud while utilising your existing hardware.
  • Risk-management: test the waters before migrating to a full cloud solution, and experiment with what works best for your business without a large capital expenditure
  • Business continuity: replicate critical data to a cloud solution to provide a backup in case of disaster, so your business can continue to run with minimal downtime.

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