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Hybrid phone systems combine both cloud and on-premise technology to reduce costs and future-proof your business phone system.

Cloudsource’s hybrid solutions utilise on-premise phone systems but use your broadband connection to route your calls, helping to greatly reduce the cost of calls and minimise the amount of line rental you pay.

Our hybrid solutions are future-proofed, allowing you to retain the same handsets if you do decide to migrate to the cloud in the future. Not only can you retain your handsets but the system can also be used as a local redundant system to provide you with seamless failover to the on-premise hardware. Our hybrid solutions offer complete investment protection with no need to spend on additional hardware when moving to the cloud.

Hybrid systems are also fully scalable to allow you to simply and quickly add new users and additional lines. Cloudsource can supply solutions to suit any size of business from SMB’s through to large corporate clients.

Multimedia colour screen Cloud Telephony handset, powered by Cloudsource
Multimedia colour screen Cloud handset, powered by Cloudsource
Executive Cloud Telephony IP Handset
Executive Cloud Telephony IP Handset

Hybrid Telephony Explained

Unlike a full cloud solution, hybrid telephony utilises both on-premise and cloud technologies. A hybrid solution can differ depending on the existing network infrastructure, broadband speeds and customer requirements.

Some hybrid solutions will have the main phone system on-site and use SIP trunks rather than traditional PSTN or ISDN lines to route calls. This uses internet bandwidth to route the calls, significantly reducing line rental and call costs.

Other hybrid solutions will have an on-premise phone system which will be used as a backup to the primary cloud solution. This may use traditional telephone lines so that in the event of your broadband connection failing, the handsets would automatically failover to the on-premise solution. This is a great resource for any business that requires complete continuity.

Hybrid Telephony Key Features:

You can automatically record every call on the system or use the ‘on demand’ recording facility to start and stop recording from the push of a button.

No need to work from a fixed location every day. Simply log in from any handset connected to the cloud phone system.

Call across your system for no additional cost even when your users are based at different sites.

Report on all calls in and out of the system via the intuitive management portal. All reports can be downloaded as an excel file to allow for data manipulation.

Productivity tools and features to get your team working more efficiently, collaboratively and cost effectively (learn more). Our Hybrid solution is feature rich with UC capable optional CRM integration also available.

Easily manage and route your incoming calls so that the customer speaks to the right person every time, for better customer service.

Easily route calls using an automated voice menu system.

Distribute calls fairly to a group of users with the option to add custom greeting messages.

Answer each other’s calls whether working in the same building or remotely.

Push out company-wide announcements via the handsets speaker phone functionality.

Voicemail can be automatically sent and attached to an email, allowing voicemails to be retrieved whilst on the move.

Why should I upgrade my business phone system?

Upgrading your business system is now as easy, affordable and beneficial as upgrading your mobile phone.

As long as calls are coming in and going out, your telephone system gets forgotten. Yet just like a mobile phone, new features and benefits are being introduced every year and businesses like yours could be missing out.

Working closely with some of the World’s largest communications technology companies, Cloudsource provide tailor-made solutions for businesses throughout the UK, on an affordable fixed rate monthly payment.

Using the latest technology and incorporating low cost calls and lines we can provide you with the infrastructure, applications and competitive advantage to win in your chosen market.

From a brand new installation to an upgrade on your existing system, we will listen to your needs and design a hybrid or cloud solution truly tailor made just for you. 

Key Benefits of Hybrid Phone Systems:

  • Improved efficiency and better team productivity
  • Better resiliency using a local redundant option
  • Reduce your current maintenance bill
  • Reduce the costs of your calls and lines
  • Pay for your complete solution via a FIXED affordable monthly package
  • Relax knowing that there are NO upfront costs, NO deposits and NO hidden extras

Packages from £12.50 per month including a free handset! Line rental from just £7.50 per month

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Frequently Asked Hybrid Telephony Questions

What is a SIP Trunk?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is set to replace ISDN as the standard way of terminating calls to a business. SIP trunks are a virtual line that runs over your broadband connection. Unlike traditional lines, SIP Trunks are easily scalable and as many live channels as required can be added allowing businesses to quickly and cost effectively increase the number of incoming and outgoing lines.


What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is a term used to describe integrating multiple communications methods via a single business phone system. This is referred to as “Unified” as you are able to receive this method of communication on multiple devices such as a desk phone, mobile application, desktop application or email client.

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