Let us take care of your business essentials

Cloudsource offer all essential business utilities including electricity, gas, water, phone and internet. By combining all of your business utilities to a single provider we can save you time and money.

With age-old contracts and periodic billing, your energy bill can come as a large and unexpected shock. We simplify the process to help your business find the best deal and save money.

Don’t waste any more time trawling the internet, let Cloudsource secure the best utility rates and buy upfront before passing the saving on to you. We keep an eye on the markets for you and will advise if it’s time to switch provider or extend your existing contract.

Cost Saving Tools

We supply you with the tools to monitor your energy consumption as well as the energy-saving technology to reduce ongoing costs. Smart meters allow you to keep a daily track of your energy expenditure, with no need for confusing estimates and guesswork. By 2020 all businesses are required to have smart meters installed so now is the ideal time to prepare for this.

Simple Management

Our online management platform provides an overview of your energy consumption and expenditure in one simple database for better evaluation and decision making. Cloudsource provide you with a single bill for all of your business utilities significantly simplifying the billing process.

If your business moves premises your existing contract would usually end automatically and you would be placed onto an expensive out of contract rate until a new contract is agreed. We can help ensure a seamless transition when moving with no impact to your business.

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Key Benefits of Utilities from Cloudsource

  • Consolidate all utilities into a single bill
  • Save time and money
  • Smart monitors to accurately monitor energy savings
  • Relax as we secure the best rates for you

Our Solutions

Why Cloudsource

We go the extra mile to understand our customer’s requirements, delivering the right solution for you.

We are the cloud experts with extremely knowledgeable UK-based account managers and support teams.

We are a cloud service provider and have full control of the cloud phone system end-to-end, giving our customers a single point of contact.

We truly care about our customers, always going the extra mile to ensure they have the best possible experience.