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What is Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Telephony?

Put simply, cloud telephony is a flexible method of accessing your business essentials that gives you complete call control and cost control as well as security, mobility, data storage and backup, and applications and program access simply by using an internet connection – rather than being tied to an expensive on-premise phone system, server or your computer’s hard drive.

Cloud telephony opens up a new world of interaction and ease, allowing you to work from anywhere across multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops as well as traditional desktop computers.

Hybrid cloud telephony refers to a combination of a cloud phone system while still utilising your current on-premise infrastructure in order to access the benefits of both.

If a complete cloud solution simply isn’t right for your business we can advise on a blended approach to suit your needs.

How Cloud Can Benefit Your Business

From improved security to cost savings, more flexibility and better collaboration, cloud telephony can bring a multitude of benefits to your business. Hover over the icons to find out more or click the button below to download our handy “Quick intro to Cloud” PDF guide.


Increased Security

Security is paramount. All our Cloud products are stored in secure data centres with information being replicated between multiple servers and hard drives to give you peace of mind.

Cost Savings

With no need for physical hardware or on-site servers, costs are significantly reduced. Cloud Services are charged as manageable monthly payments rather than large upfront costs.

Greater Flexibility

Cloud products can easily and quickly be scaled by either increasing or decreasing the number of users on the system. Users can be added within a matter of minutes rather than a matter of weeks!

Improved Mobility

Cloud services can be accessed from anywhere enabling users to work seamlessly whilst on the move and in the office.

More Reliable

Downtime can be costly to a business. Our systems dictate that all types of failover are considered, whether that be related to hardware, timeouts, failover faults or network problems. If any device fails, your whole system will continue to function without expensive downtime.

On-going Maintenance

Cloud services often eliminate the need to have any on-premise hardware which can significantly reduce the upfront and ongoing maintenance costs.

Better Collaboration

Good collaboration is key to your success. Collaborate with colleagues on documents and projects in real-time via shared storage. This can significantly increase productivity as documents are always available no matter where you are.

Future Proof

Cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions are completely future-proofed, constantly evolving and updating to ensure the product is always up to date with the latest features and trends.

Make the Move to Cloud

To ensure a seamless transition to cloud telephony it’s important to be adequately prepared. This will mean the least disruption and the best solution for your requirements; which is why we recommend this simple three-step plan to help your business get ready for the cloud.

A clipboard icon with pencil

Step 1


Conduct a full audit of your existing network and communications environment, including:

  • Tools
  • Physical equipment
  • Network infrastructure

Can they cope with the additional demands of Cloud?

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Step 2


Map out the processes carried out by your staff across different areas of the business, including collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders and customers.

Identify the challenges your company may be facing, as well as issues affecting specific individuals throughout the business. This may include office based users, roaming staff and front of house/reception. What tools could help you to overcome problem areas? How could your processes be improved?

A training icon

Step 3


Make sure that all staff and stakeholders are prepared for the move and how it may affect them. It’s important that everyone understands the benefits and are on board with the changes.

Training should be provided that’s specific to each department and/or user. It’s also key to keep customers in the loop so that they are aware of the changes and how this will benefit them.

Need help or advice? Let the Cloud experts guide you!

Call us on 0330 200 201 today or request a call back.

Need help or advice? Let the Cloud experts guide you!

Call us on 0330 200 201 today or request a call back.

The Truth About Cloud

There’s still a lot of misconceptions around cloud telephony, but Cloudsource are here to separate the fact from the fiction!

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